Welcome! I give you a quick sneak peek into my daily rituals in the above video.

Why do I do daily rituals?

  1. Mental health to develop present moment awareness e.g., meditation, yoga and breath work.
  2. Physical health to create a strong & flexible physical body using exercise & movement.
  3. Emotional health, making space to feel and acknowledge my feelings e.g., journaling, healing, inner child work.
  4. Manifestation process e.g., affirmations, visualisations, raise my vibration/ energy levels etc.
  5. Add structure to my day – morning, lunchtime and evening

Check back on the blog for more ideas of daily rituals that you can add to your life. 

Client testimonial – Rachel:

With Gemma’s guidance I have achieved things that I barely thought possible. Literally. Gemma is wise, practical and speaks from experience when it comes to achieving exactly what you want. If you never thought you were going to get that book written or land that dream job then think again. She rewrites the world as you thought you knew it.It’s a financial investment worth every penny. Sometimes in your life you need another perspective to achieve what you really want. For me, it was Gemma.’

Client testimonial – Lisa:

“I came away from my reading with Gemma feeling nourished, in full flow and more willing to trust in the process of life. She has a rare and wonderful talent. Her compassionate reading and thorough knowledge of the cards guided me to the seat of my own intuition. Her gentle insight gave me permission to uncover my own. Prepare to feel empowered. I so look forward to our next session….”

Client testimonial – Emma:

“Since I have been speaking to Gemma regularly I can honestly say that my whole life is shifting in a way that I didn’t think was possible for me. She is a very special and inspirational lady, I look forward to our sessions and hearing her unique and articulate views on the world and the way it can work for us. I used to think things happened to me and now I know I can learn to live my life my way. Thanks to Gemma. My life is only getting better from here on. Don’t hesitate. Get some Gemma Ford in your life today!”

From my heart to yours on the blog

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