What is Intuitive Yoga?

I’ve been teaching yoga for over a decade and I’ve been practising yoga for over two decades. The style of yoga I teach is called Intuitive Yoga because I draw on a wide variety of training, and many years experience, to tailor a movement sequence that I intuitively know is healing, supportive and energising for you in this moment.

How many yoga classes have you been to and wished you could deviate from the instructor’s plan? I have so often found that my body’s natural intelligence knows what movements are the most nourishing for me today. During our session I tune into your body’s intelligence in just the same way and together we move and practise a yoga sequence tailored specifically for you.

Your Intuitive Yoga Session

I will check in with how you’re doing today in this moment; what you’re working on, what you need and how you’re feeling in your body. I will follow my intuitive guidance, and invite you to share yours, to create a bespoke sequence of breath-work, movement and stretching, strengthening, meditation, relaxation and conversation, wherever is required.

You can expect to feel deeply nourished, fully supported and expansive.

I only offer Intuitive Yoga classes online, this has been a business model I have worked with for years and years and I love it. It has allowed both myself and my clients to be located absolutely anywhere in the world. One of my greatest values in life is freedom and offering all my services online creates freedom, not only in my life, but also in the lives of my clients.

‘Gemma is a wonderful yoga teacher. Our sessions with her are energising, relaxing and fun. Gemma adapts each session to how energetic we feel on a particular day, which also makes each session different and unique and leaves us feeling like we have accomplished something new every time.  Her guidance is precise with clear instructions, making us aware of what different postures offer for our bodies and encouraging us to challenge ourselves. Our regular yoga practice with her has done amazing things for our state of mind and levels of stress and we thoroughly look forward to every session.’

Melanie & Daan

WonderMama & Google DeepMind Leader

My Training and Credentials

One of my first loves was yoga; I trained as a yoga teacher in India in 2009, with the Sivananda School of Yoga, and have been teaching ever since. Since India I’ve trained with the wonderful Shiva Rea in LA and London, and Bridget Woods Kramer in Cornwall. My style of Intuitive Yoga is flowing, heartfelt and fun.

My previous experience teaching yoga includes many private clients, yoga for hotel guests at The Scarlet Hotel, corporate yoga in the workplace at GE (among others), yoga classes at private health clubs, such as The Grace in Belgravia, yoga on the beach, at charity events to support The Alzheimer’s Society and yoga for the Sweaty Betty team retreats.

I have been featured in various publications, such as Elle Magazine, Cornwall Life Magazine and most recently the Health & Fitness blogger for SW London’s online publication, Lady Wimbledon.

In order to book your Intuitive Yoga session with me please pop me an email. I am happy to answer any questions you have.

The cost is £50 for a 50 minute session. All classes are held via online video call.

I’m so looking forward to meeting you!