Intuitive Life Coaching

What is Intuitive Life Coaching

After studying Psychology at University I trained as a yoga teacher in India. When I started teaching yoga I found I could feel my students’ physical discomfort in my own body. If a student had was feeling pain in their left shoulder, I would feel it subtly in mine. It helped me to know what they needed and what kind of movements and poses would be healing for them. This intuitive awareness came very naturally to me.

I continued my studies by training as a Life Coach and then went on to specialise in Intuitive Life Coaching. I define the term ‘Life Coach’ by using the visual of a continuum (imagine a horizontal line). At one end is extreme mental and/or emotional ill health and  a strong dissatisfaction with life, at the other end is wonderful mental and emotional health and a love of life. In the middle is ‘lack of dis-ease’, meaning a lack of mental illness or severe addictions etc. The space between extreme dis-ease and the middle is the area psychiatrists and psychologists specialise in. The space between the middle, lack of dis-ease, and wonderful ease is the area Life Coach’s work with you on. Between mild misery and joy and fulfilment is a large area in which there is much you can practically and consciously do to create a life you are in love with.

As an Intuitive Life Coach I utilise my empathic awareness to not only listen to the words spoken by my Clients, but also to tune into their energy, their spirit and spirit guides. This deeper level of listening and understanding gives Intuitive Coaching a healing and endlessly loving quality. We all have a spirit, as well as a mind and body. Your spirit is the most exquisitely beautiful and true expression of you. Your personality, experiences and conditioning are the human, delightful and messy aspects of you. Bringing my intuition to coaching allows me to not just connect with your human personality, but also your spirit. Having another person see you as your spirit, which is completely loved and loveable, is deeply healing and supportive.

During one of the most difficult and painful times in my life I was guided to an Intuitive Coach for support and it was my saving grace.

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