Bad vibes = get out! 

I went to an event recently, it was a totally new place with all new people. I was excited to make friends and maybe do some networking. Anyway I went along and it was good to start with, there were some interesting people and nice conversations. Then I started talking to a guy who monologued at me for a long time in a pretty overwhelming way about super low energy things, like how you don’t have to pay your debts…etc etc.

After a little bit I was feeling suffocated by him and his non stop words. I was trying to find a way out of this interaction for minutes until I finally just said I had to go and walked away. I tried to get into the swing of it again and started conversations with some other people but couldn’t shake the feeling of discomfort and bad vibes. Pretty soon I gave up completely and made my excuses to leave and head home.

I felt horrible, like it was somehow my fault, like I’d failed at my plan of having a fun evening with new people. I was walking fast trying to move the weird energy out of my body. I was so relieved to get outta there!

My point is that I felt bad vibes during that  interaction, they took hold in my head and in my body. The best plan of action was to get out as fast as possible. I know it’s not always possible to leave a situation when you feel bad vibes, for example if you’re at work and can’t just walk out. But you can leave the room, go to the bathroom & press your feet into the floor to ground yourself. Better yet go for a walk outside & get present with the sounds and sights out there. Walking in nature if possible is the best medicine! Really taking in the trees, water, bird song, wind on your face. You’ll feel cleansed and refreshed.

So many times recently I’ve felt bad vibes about a person or a situation but I haven’t trusted myself, I’ve second guessed my intuition and intellectualised my way out of it. Only to learn afterwards that my vibes were totally on point. The lesson = trust your vibes and exactly as it says above ‘fuck your bad vibes bro’ 🤣

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