Trials and tribulations of lunch break shopping 

So the day started and I felt pretty good – a run, healthy smoothie, smooth commute to work – clean, fresh and feeling good.

Then I went shopping on my lunch break and all of a sudden my clothes looked so old and worn compared to the fresh new ones in Zara – I need new clothes!! The fitting room lighting so bright and unforgiving – I need to eat way less and exercise way more!! None of the clothes I tried on we’re quite right – clearly because of my less than perfect physique!! And once dressed in my old clothes I felt like I definitely needed a shower – so may as well start this day all over again!

It’s funny, it reminds me of looking in the mirror one day after a little exercise and eating Nutella (which I’ve given up for lent by the way) and seeing a beached whale. Then looking in the same mirror the very next day after a long run and a salad and looking great!

My conclusion: it’s all perception, meaning in my head – of course being healthy makes you look and feel better but one run & one shopping trip do not create such a vast change.

Let’s love ourselves for where we are keeping doing a little more each day to feel and look amazing – while deciding we are already beautiful.

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