Super healthy, super yummy supper

It’s Wednesday evening after a long day at work and my fridge is offering left over roast chicken etc from Sunday and a whole pile of green veg I’d planned on eating but haven’t got around to it (when take away sounds way more interesting!).

The answer to this situation – delicious super green veg soup topped with shredded roast chicken and a few sun dried tomatoes – divine! And guilt free!

My trick to making a veggie soup taste great is lots of fresh herbs, garlic and in this case a whole bunch of spring onions. All fried in healthy oil (rapeseed, coconut etc) and uncooked veg added first, a good quality organic veg stock. Bubbling for a bit then add left over cooked veg – whatever’s in the fridge – a pile of spinach, some pepper and blend like crazy. Voila!

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